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Thank you very much for the opportunity to make an interview with you. Since I don't know much about you, unless the fact that you're modelling for Angelic Pretty, maybe the best way is to introduce yourself.
Who are you? Where did you live in the past? Where do you live right now?

I am RinRin and I am currently a model for Angelic Pretty. I come from Los Angeles, California and I currently live in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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You call yourself RinRin Dolly on the Internet. Why have you chosen this pseudonym?

Rin is my actual name, and Iíve been called RinRin for as long as I can remember by my family and close friends. Dolly refers to the doll-like modeling I do in Japan. I also love Anna Suiís ďDolly Girl.Ē

How did you become a model for lolita labels (I bet it's THE dream job for all lolitas all over the world!)? Do you have an agency?

I was scouted in Los Angeles by Angelic Pretty when a friend of mine referred me to be a model for their show. I became an official Angelic Pretty model when I was able to go to Japan. From there I had the opportunity to meet other industry people and had the opportunity to model for Alice Deco and KERA. Iíve also been invited to be on Aoki Misakoís show on NicoNico Douga as a guest, as well as appear in many fashion shows for Marui One and NicoNico Douga. Iíve always been a freelance model.

Did you ever thought to work as a model? Was this your dream job?

My friends always thought that I could model for lolita clothing, but while I was flattered, I wasnít quite confident enough to believe that I would even be considered. It wasnít until my friend referred me to Angelic Pretty that it seemed possible. But from then on I steadily gained confidence and modeling became something tangible in my future.

What do you enjoy about modeling?

Itís exciting to wear new clothing and see what the trend is for the upcoming season. Itís also a great time to meet and talk to people. Itís a very fun and sociable experience.

Since when have you been wearing Lolita and what is (especially) inspiring to you?

I started wearing lolita clothing a couple years ago. I love dressing up and feeling like a doll. I also love to play around with makeup and to create new looks to go with outfits. I find looking at fashion shows for the current season and researching the current trends in makeup and hair are my main inspirations.

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What do you like about lolita-fashion? And what's your favourite style and brand?

I really like how you can dress very girly and colorful. Itís like being given a new color palette and you can be free to choose whatever you like. I like the casual street fashion look with a bit of a doll-like quality. My favourite brands include Angelic Pretty, Barbie, Milk, Anna Sui, and Emily Temple Cute.

What was the coolest modeling job you've done so far? Any fun experience you wanna share?

Iím not sure if I have a ďcoolestĒ modeling job experience but I do have a lot of fun experiences while modeling in Japan. The most interesting to me would probably be any of the fashion shows for lolita. After doing the fashion shows, the models will often be asked to say a small introduction to everyone. Afterwards thereís always a question-answer segment, followed by a greeting-guests period. Iíve always been a bit stage-shy when it comes to talking, and I always have a crazy heart-pounding moment when the spotlight hits. However, off-stage, I really love meeting the guests face-to-face. Everyone is so sweet and fun to talk to. Iím pleasantly surprised to find guests seeking advice and support in daily life problems, outside of lolita fashion, and even more pleasantly surprised how many models listen and give kind responses. I feel like itís more of a friendship rather than a guest-idol status. I guess the weirdest question anyone had asked me during a question-answer segment was ďWhat is the closest convenience store to you?Ē

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You are also capable of the international lolita community, but also know some of the role models in Japan. Where do you think is the difference between these scenes?

I feel that because the two environments are very different from each other, itís bit difficult to compare. I can offer a few observations: Being a part of the international lolita community has given me insight to how hard those who love the clothes must work at being able to purchase items. Maybe due to that factor, among many others, this has made a strong tight-knit group. Itís great to see those who have experience help those who are interested in starting out. After becoming close to the lolita models in Japan, I see that many of the girls donít dress in full lolita outside of modeling. Many girls go for more casual looks and maybe incorporate one or two items into their ensemble.

What other interests, besides lolita and fashion, do you have?

I love to dance. Iíve learned many different styles of dances including ballet, jazz, modern, but I also do enjoy doing traditional dances as well. Itís a great way to understand cultures, and I love the feeling of dancing on stage.

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself working in the fashion industry, it would be a dream come true.

Something you want to tell the lolitas in Germany/Austria/Switzerland?

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you. If you do stop by Japan and we meet somewhere in Tokyo, donít be afraid to say hi~! Also, if you have any questions please leave me a message on facebook, I try my best of answer all the mails with my honest opinions and advice!

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